Porter J. Hudson M.D. and The Ghost of Doc

American Brown Ale. This beer was named after the original owner of the building where the Brewery is currently located, Burkes of Ireland. The Pharmacy and Medical office, established in 1920, was constructed for Dr. Porter Hudson.

Bucket List

No Limitations. Due to the nature of our 1 barrel system, small batches are our specialty. After we brewed and fermented a beer, we take that 31 gallons and separate it into six secondary fermenters (5 gallons). With each 5 gallon bucket fermenter, we can add a finishing flavor making each batch unique and/or outlandish.


Imperial Beer, high ABV and big flavor. Aged in a Jack Daniels Barrel for one hundred days for a oak and whisky flavor.

Darkside 3/4

Black IPA. Brewed in honor of 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines. Recently Attached to the 7th Marines in Twentynine Palms, California, 3/4 was dispanded on May 30th 2014. Their nick name is the "Thundering Third" and radio call sign "Darkside". 3/4 is a war time Battalion with reactivations that reflect, making it the most deployed Battalion in the Marine Corps.